Vinod Spinners Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2015

Vinod Spinners Pvt. Ltd, a newly incorporated private limited company promoted by “GROUP VINOD” of Mittal Family. . “GROUP VINOD” is engaged in the textile industry since more than 25 years in various activity of weaving, processing, trading of fabrics. Looking to the successful implementation of the weaving, processing unit in associate concern, promoters decided to promote a new company going to be engaged in spinning activity. Spinning Activity is new era of activities for GROUP VINOD”, spinning project is back ward integration to full fill the captive yarn requirement. The company was promoted by the well experienced business group who are engaged in the same line of business, having different units for manufacturing, processing and trading of the fabrics.

Manufacturing capacity 1100 tone per month manufacturing from 3 OE count 225 OE count.
The Company is engaged in the activity of spinning of cotton yarn from raw cotton, which is being used for making denim, bottom weight or knitted fabrics. Cloth is a regularly consumable product, which is one of the basic requirement of a civilized human, (ROTI, KAPADA & MAKAN) every one in the society requires the cloth, quality & quantity may differ for different class of people, with the growth in the population the demand for the fabrics in all the shape is increasing and there will be no end of it. Our raw material & product is checked & assured at every stage of the production process to attain eminent quality standards. Strong-seaworthy carton boxes, pallets and bags are used for packing to avoid damage during transit. We have a wide range of products which helps us cater to the ever-growing needs of our customers