Our Vision
VINOD DENIM – A dynamic and innovative player in the market

Vinod Denim Ltd. (VDL), the Ahmedabad based company, is one of the leading denim manufacturers in India. To upgrade the production process and acquire international quality mark, the company has already engaged professional agency for obtaining ISO 9001 certification. This is in addition to other initiatives taken for energy savings, pollution control and environmental protection. Our motto is “VDL believes in environmentally friendly products and processes”. Our goal is to go all out for ‘sustainable development’ which is the universally accepted strategy for all socially conscious enterprises.

VDL’s objectives:

  • To maintain growth momentum in the present areas and diversify into new sectors in tandem with the emerging potential and market opportunities.
  • To develop and modernize the operations based on technology and best practices.
  • To upgrade skill of workers and significantly improve the competence of the managerial and supervisory staff and generally strengthen the entire gamut of HRD supported with required welfare measures for the engaged manpower and their families.
  • To comply with the applicable laws particularly environmental laws so that the group emerges as responsible corporate entity conscious of its social, legal and environmental obligations.
  • To ensure proper working environment through harmonious industrial relations, and foster social relations with community outside.
  • To move towards professional management.

VDL has decided to infuse Rs.1000 crore for expansion backward and forward integration programme this year. The company currently has capacity of 36 million meter per annum, which we plan to scale up to 40 MMPA by July 2022. The expansion drive can be mainly attributed to 15-20% increase in demand in domestic market as well as growth in international market..

"To Become the preferred source of DENIM to Enhance Customer Delight"