Group Vinod

Over the years “Vinod” brand has occupied pride of place in the textile field with its quality products + economics.

Group Vinod is an integrated & diversified group with production facilities located in Ahmedabad (India). The group has currently different operating entities i.e. Vinod Fabrics Pvt. Ltd., Vinod Denim Ltd., Vinod Spinners Pvt. Ltd., Shiv Shakti Cotfab Pvt. Ltd. & others. The following highlights of the group unit's performance would indicate the growth achieved during the past few years.

Operational Efficiency: Group Vinod

Group name comes because the units are promoted by extended family members, through mutual help, advice & problem solving enabled by the group as a whole. In terms of the actual operation, each unit is a different industrial undertaking with location, separately identifiable assets & separate management and balance sheet.

The management of each & every unit is being professionalized rapidly by recruiting qualified engineers, CS, accounts people, production staff, quality controllers, marketing & sales executives etc. Each unit closely supervise on the important parameter governing the unit & take it as a challenge to maximise production, productivity, sales & profit, as per the tenets of modern business practices.

The vision of the group is to scale greater heights in production, productivity, sales, technology and quality for steady growth year after year and to become lead players in segments like processing, denim and technical textiles in the medium term.

In doing so it shall be the endeavour of the group to follow the tenet of 'Make in India' in the true spirit and make its contribution to the new paradigm of the Prime Minister. It will also practice the principle of "zero defect to "zero effect" (environment).

"Our approach to the future emanates from our vision, objectives and the strategy.

As tools to accomplish this, we will be looking for synergy in activities, management by objective and results, evaluating managerial performance and worker performance, going for incentive base remuneration structure, keeping the morale of personnel high and always foster positive management attitude towards OUR TEAM.

Vinod Denim

Textile sector is a fast growing industrial segment and it is considered as a ‘sunrise’ sector. Following MoU with Government of Gujarat in the Vibrant Gujarat meet – 2011 to implement the commitment with Government of Gujarat, the Group explored various avenues for diversification and in the first stage decided to move into manufacture of Denim.

Vinod Denim was setup in 2011.The Denim plant at Ahmedabad is equipped with the state of art machinery designed to produce quality denim i.e. 45 MN.

The company has been producing widest range of denim both rigid and stretch from 4.75 to 14.25 IBST, Black, & Indigo colours. Regarding pattern, we have fabric with all types of twill such as Dobbie’s, 4/1 satin & knitted in 100% cotton & cotton blended with polyester. Plain & Printed Denim shirting is also our forte. We do mercerize for flat finish to give superior smooth feel, lustre, & everlasting finish.

In the ever changing world of fashion, one thing is certain: attraction for Denim cannot diminish. What was once the attire of the working class, became fashion statement of the rich and fashionable, and now the desired attire across all segments Vinod Denim has understood this cultural transformation, and is trying to cater to all sections, their affordable and preferred fabrics of the highest quality.

Our Vision 2025

The vision of the group is: We have plans for future as follows:-

  • To scale greater heights in production, productivity, sales, technology and quality.
  • To maintain growth momentum in the present areas and diversify into new sectors in tandem with the emerging potential and market opportunities. Also To develop and modernize the operations based on technology and best practices.
  • To upgrade skill of workers and significantly improve the competence of the managerial and supervisory staff and generally strengthen the entire gamut of HRD supported with required welfare measures for the engaged manpower and their families.
  • In doing so it shall be the endeavour of the group to follow the tenet of ‘Make in India’ in the true spirit and make its contribution to the new paradigm of the Prime Minister to accelerate the development of the country and bring it to the forefront of the Comity of nations. It will also practice the principle of
    “Zero Defect to “Zero Effect” (Environment).
  • We realize that we have to maintain an equitable and working balance among the claims of all stakeholders i.e. employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, financiers and the public. This document is to help everybody to enhance performance standards and achieve results so that accelerated growth is achievable.