About Us
About Us
Vinod Denim came into being as an offshoot of Vinod Fabrics Pvt.Ltd., which has been engaged in the processing of synthetic cotton fabrics for over 20 years. Textile sector is a fast growing industrial segment and it is considered as a ‘sunrise’ sector. Following an MoU with Government of Gujarat in the Vibrant Gujarat meet – 2011 to implement the commitment with Government of Gujarat, we explored various avenues for diversification and as a first stage decided to change our existing product mix by introducing manufacture of Denim.

Indian denim market is among the fastest growing markets with the growth rate of 15%. Increasing number of middle-income families in India has given a chance for denim apparels to capture a good market. Satellite Televisions has also played its part in creating a fascination for Denim associated with the Western culture. The attraction of Denim is universal and Indian youth is taking more and more to Denim apparels. Manufacturers are coming up with novel ideas to capture the minds of consumers especially the younger segment. Crosshatched, broken twill, stretch and multi-count are some of the popular patterns of everlasting types.

In the ever changing world of fashion, one thing is certain; attraction for Denim does not diminish. What was once the attire of the working class, became fashion statement of the rich and fashionable and now the desired attire across all segments. Vinod Denim has understood the cultural transformation due to Denim and is trying to cater to all sections their affordable and preferred fabrics of the highest quality.